четверг, 7 мая 2009 г.

What is meaning?

What is meaning? Meaning usually defined as something which is conveyed with language. Then, what is language? It is a form of communicating for conveying meaning. Seems at all we think in the language we speak. Is it true? Partly, yes. At least, we use the jargon specific for our profession. At most, we often interpret facts according with our inner world. But there is something what ties us all together. And many things we understand the same way: in skyscrapers or in jungle. Moreover, we understand animals and animals understand us. With or without language. But not only animals, also we understand stones and planets. If you call it language then the entire Universe is such language. And this is very good point.

There is the only source of our knowledge. Space-time. And this is all what meaning is about. Period. It seems like very evident point. But namely so no one does not proceed further. There is a lot of theories which tried to interpret a language and a thinking. But they all lack a basis which they all ground on. There is only one source of meaning. Meaning is a direct descendant of space-time and consists of: 
(a) nouns, objects, anything which corresponds to space, 
(b) verbs, actions, anything which corresponds to time, 
(c) noun relations, adjectives, anything which links space entities, 
(d) verb relations, adjectives, adverbs, modality, anything which links time entities.

Why these four? There is space-time and two constituents. Because intellect (which is a producer of meaning) could not (and should not) to keep the entire space-time which was lived through, it reduce information and stores not objects and actions but only relations between them. All the rest is only derivatives of these four entities.

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